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Science Info 's Customized ePostcard

Save printing and postage costs with ScienceInfo's ePostcard. Busy scientists prefer short bursts of information that they can use right now. ScienceInfo's ePostcard tool allows you to supplement your regular marketing program. It's perfect for product announcements, special offers, or to drive traffic to your website. An added bonus is the 'real-time' effect of the Internet. If you've got a hot new product, you can get the word out immediately.

How it works

ScienceInfo can create a custom ePostcard with your marketing and contact information or you can send your own approved HTML file. You supply the message and related links and ScienceInfo will handle the transmission and tracking for you. Each ePostcard must include an unsubscribe option. ScienceInfo will target your ePostcard to scientists by specific research areas. ScienceInfo complies fully with the Federal CAN-Spam Act of 2003.

Exclusive exposure

By sending a targeted ePostcard instead of listing your services on a search engine such as Google or Overture, you cut the competition to zero! ScienceInfo's customized email lists provide you with contacts that have requested information on products and services such as yours. Your ePostcard grants you a private one-on-one encounter with an interested, motivated client. Instead of having to wade through pages of data produced by a search on Google, ScienceInfo's ePostcard showcases your product or services — alone. No banners flashing for attention. It gets your message where you want it — in front of the person that wants to buy. Forget trying to stand out in the crowd — ePostcards allow you to bypass the crowd all together.

Measure the results

Following the transmission of your ePostcard, ScienceInfo will send you a Broadcast Summary Report with detailed information on:

  • Emails sent
  • Emails read
  • Emails returned
  • Unsubscribes
  • URL click throughs