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Promote Your Next Webinar

Three Step Email Marketing Campaign to Promote Your Next Webinar.

Our webinar marketing campaign is designed with a single goal and purpose: Get more webinar registrations

We Can Promote Your Next Webinar Via Our Subscribers Opt-In Email Lists.

We will send three individual, personalized and effective Email blasts to your targeted audience. We will select according to research areas, techniques etc. from our Opt-in eNewsletter Subscribers List.

We will send a sequence of three emails for one flat fee

  1. Initial webinar invitation Email blast.
  2. “X hours left” reminder Email blast.
  3. Final post-webinar recording Email blast.


Our eNewsletter Subscribers List includes:

  • Biotech/Pharma Scientists
  • Research Institute Scientists
  • Recent NIH Grant Awardees
  • International Scientists (Canada/Europe/S.Asia)

Scientists in this list work on the full spectrum of life science research.

Our goal is to bring you more webinar registrations and ensure no one misses your next webinar.

For pricing information call (804 217 2371) or email us info@escienceinfo.com

About eScience Info's Newsletter

Our free, weekly eNewsletter reaches more than 50,000 recipients worldwide and is well received among life science scientists. Our subscriptions grow every month because we carry unique and very useful information to assist in both research work and grant acquisition. Virtually all our readers are involved in active research and hold either an MD, Ph.D. or both. Their titles range from graduate student, to post-docs to professor. Scientists in this group constantly look for new grants, job opportunities, conferences, and courses.