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About eScienceInfo

Since 1999, ScienceInfo has been the leader in marketing scientific goods and services to the scientific industry. We assist companies doing business with scientists through targeted and strategic marketing campaigns. Founded by Dr. Jeya Chelliah, B.Vsc., Ph.D., our goal is to develop marketing 'pathways' into this untapped industry locally, regionally, and worldwide. We do this by providing a wide range of accurate, tailored postal and email lists of scientists designed to drive a precisely targeted direct marketing campaign that will ensure maximum response rates.

Thorough Scientific Market Knowledge Ensures Success

By understanding the Scientists that you're marketing to, ScienceInfo is able to help you focus your campaigns for a much higher return on investment. ScienceInfo delivers unique, customized lists of qualified contacts in each scientific field that are searchable by exact job title so you can zero in on the prospect with the purchasing authority for your product or service.

Understanding the Path to Purchasing

Since ScienceInfo was created and is run by scientists, it has the inside track on what scientists are thinking; what they need; what they're spending money on — and most important — what drives their purchasing decisions. We have developed the best methods to contact them. Scientists trust ScienceInfo for reliable information on grants and contracts. Over one third of these scientists actually request to receive information on products and services relating to their field of research. ScienceInfo is building the pathway in both directions. Doesn't it make sense to get on the right path with the clear leader?

Our Mission: Your Success

If you are marketing to scientists, you should be talking to us!